I was a member until last Friday. I tried to deposit my check from WorldProfit into my credit union checking account. They called me after I left the bank statng they can't take this check, it is from Canada. So I took it my other bank and they called me the next day stating they can't take the check either. It is missing the routing number or something. I have tried to call WorldProfit, email worldprofit and submit a support ticket. All of which has gone unanswered.

I was a big believer in WorldProfit, after all I was making money, but if I can't cash the check, then the check is worthless to me. I want this resolved.

Monetary Loss: $57.


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Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #1030844

Hey Anonymous if they pay by check and He cant cash it why stay with them? Pya pal or not the check should be made good.

IF it was fraud check sent by US mail wwwwwwwwooooooooooooooo iee mailfraud is $10,000 federal fine..


I have been at worldprofit for 7 years and have been paid on time everytime! If you have a check cashing problem maybe you should get paid Via paypal! Never thoght of that did you?

Mountain View, California, United States #971179

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