I purchased a home business site and software package from Worldprofit Inc. I was impressed by the training that is available to me.

At first it was a lot to learn and overwhelming but my sponsor andthe company were available every day which really surprised me in this industry where a lot of people take your money and run. This company is accountable and a breath of fresh air. I got a website, software to build my business, training, my own mentor.

Leads are provided too which you do have to call but the system lets you know when they login so you are not wasting your time.

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I looked at World Profit back in May 2008 when I was a total newbie online - I stayed for one month as a Silver Package member and left the community for no particular reason that I can recall. I credit Worldprofit for introducing me to traffic exchanges and safe-list, which in part have allowed me to become a full-time Internet marketer, which I am today!

I recently took a second look and was completely surprised by how much they have added to their program and I became convinced that Worldprofit is one of the best opportunities on the Internet.

They have gone to a "Click Bank" marketing model that leverages Click Bank and make it seamless to set-up and market Click Bank products in a variety of niches. Click Bank has more that 10,000 products in their inventory.

The claims they make about 50,000 guaranteed visitors is real... the way they do this is uses many of the exact methods I used to create a full-time income online.

I decided to re-enroll last week, completed their boot-camp in two days and now a week later, I have made enough sales to be on their leader board.

The marketers that I have introduced to Worldprofit over the last few days have all thanked me for the opportunity. As the training and tools are excellent!

Needless to say, I do not think that anyone who expects to make money with Worldprofit with out invest time in learning "how to market" and providing enough time (more than a month or two) is being honest with themselves and will not succeed at anything online.

Success online requires a real business model, an affective marketing strategy, massive action, and patience. Without these characteristics and the discipline to act, one might as well find another job and forget about making money online.

I hope this helps!



they just want to take your 25 dollars, if they do 1000 a day world wide that's big money


I was involved with Worldprofit for nearly 10 yrs, I was terminated ffrom the company a few months ago for sending spam. Worldprofit is the most professinal company I have ever been involved with, I miss being a part of this company more and more every day, and only hope that one day they will let me back in, Brian Armstrong

Brampton On. Canada.

Coslada, Madrid, Spain #50845

Are you people for real? You put whatever untruths up that you like and use fake names.

That says more about your character than anyone else's. Go back to your rock. Worldprofit has been around for over a dozen years, and Dr. Lant is a harvard Graduate running a successful online business.

You complainers likely never finished grade school and never made an honest penny by actually working at anything. Those who work the Worldprofit system make money, those who do nothing make nothing.

Sounds like sour grapes on your part. Losers.


World profit has a sub domain called community. You see dr fraud lant's arts in his house, thinking and scamming people they can make money by buying a memberships and dealership, but the 25 income streams are all paid to click paid to read or paid to surf sites.

There is no free level upgrades in these other scammed up programs. World profit even has it own traffic ad exchange which is mentioned after you paid your monthly hosting bill of over 99 dollars american.

The site has alot of javascript programs that chew so much of internet bandwidth. Dr Jeffrey Lant is a child molester.


only peple writin good things about worldprofit are monitors and desperate member dealers.

Lets get one thing staight i am going to be involve in credit and identity fraud, HOw you say

Worldprofit has put my web doamian register details with my home address phone number and my real name on their own worldprofit website for all hackers to see

I beleive they are ex or current crinimals and hackers.

It bad enough they are under my regular spammers, which is so illegal here and they can face up to i think $25,000 or 1/4 million dollars in fines each spam they sent

But i am going to take legal action and also file a crinimal complaint to the FBI CIB whoever but the police, so if you join this company, and try to invest time and money, you will become a crook and fraudster and spammer.

Bowling Green, Missouri, United States #4312

this must be fake I have never seen anything positive come out of worldprofit for consumers its a scam

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